The Guardolia Family | Manhattan Family Photographer

meet the guardolia family

Lisa. Matt. Logan 10. Dylan 8. Emmagene 4. Juniper 1

What's your favorite family activity?
We love visiting new places together. When we have time away from home it gives us an opportunity to focus on our family and having fun together.

Tell us about your family.
Logan is the oldest. He is very funny and loves to be goofy. Dylan is very creative, Emmagene is into all things princesses. She was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in September. She has handled everything so well and is so strong and brave. Juniper is the baby and she has such a strong personality! She enjoys being the center of attention and has everyone in her family wrapped around her tiny fingers. Matt and I enjoy our kids so much but we definitely love a good movie and ice cream night without the kids!

Tell me about your favorite parts of our session, or why you enjoyed the session.
With 4 kids 10 and under, we always expect our session to be crazy! I always love that we are capturing a moment in time with them because it is definitely flying by so quickly.

What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a family session?
There is only so much you can control so just relax! Try to be in the moment as best as you can and don’t expect to much out of your kids.

What is your favorite thing about each of your children?
Logan has so much joy and his laugh is contagious
Dylan is so focused and sensitive
Emmagene is hilarious. She has a great sense of humor
Juniper is sassy and so loving

Your idea of a perfect sunday:
Having time to rest and having time for an adventure. Is that even possible?

What do you want to make sure you remember about this time in your life?
That is crazy, hectic, beautiful and sweet. It is everything all at once all the time but it is wonderful and exhausting.