THE MCARTHUR FAMILY | New Lenox Family Photographer

Meet The McArthur Family

mokena, il


what do you love to do together :: We love to be outdoors and swim. We also love family movie time! Every night we watch a cartoon or movie together before bed.

what did you love about your session  ::  I loved watching the kids laugh and smile. Evey was super excited to take a picture. I also was super happy that you knew exactly how to make them laugh. Even when my Ainsley was being shy.

words of wisdom for other families :: I would tell families don’t stress if things aren’t going perfect. Evey kept falling in the mud, but that is totally her so I was happy we went with it. Laugh, be comfortable, and just be yourselves.

favorite thing about cainan ::His determination! He is also very rough and tough, but also the most loving little boy. And his dance moves are pretty epic!

Your perfect Sunday  :: My perfect sunday would be a morning at the park with the kiddos followed by cuddling with a movie in the afternoon. With a little husband time after the kids are in bed.

what about this stage in your life do you want to always remember :: I want to remember how hard the first few months were with 3 but that it was a challenge we overcame and how much better we are for it. I want to remember the littleness of the kids. I feel like this time is going to fast and I need to soak it all in while I can. When Bryce was born I suffered and am still recovering from post-partum depression. Everyday was a challenge but everyday it is getting better. I want to be able to remember the fight and what I survived.