THE KENNEDY FAMILY | Will County IL Family Photographer

Meet The Kennedy Family

jay. kristi. ella. emelia

wilmington, il


jay :: daddy :: five words – quiet, observant, kind, funny ::has been in the military for 20 years(Air Force/ Air National Guard)

kristi :: mommy ::five words -outgoing, bubbly, kind, funny  :: a second grade teacher

ella :: 7 years ::five words -shy, sweet, rule follower, huge heart, smart :: in second grade

emelia :: 4 years ::five words -outgoing, funny, spunky, huge heart, smart :: in second year of preschool

what mom and dad love :: Our favorite thing about Ella is how kind she is. She has a huge heart and is sweet to everyone she meets.  Our favorite thing about Emelia is her spunky personality. It is one of a kind! She loves to have fun with everyone!

favorite thing to do as a family  ::   We love swimming and cooking out

a perfect sunday  :: Our idea of a perfect Sunday is staying in our pajamas and watching movies.

you want to always remember  :: We want to always remember how much we love each other!

what was your favorite part of your session :: Our favorite part of the session was splashing around in our dresses. We enjoyed this session because it was unique and playful!

what’s one piece of advice you would give to other families for their sessions :: Our words of wisdom would be to just go with the flow! Children are unpredictable so don’t go to a session with specific expectations. Don’t over think it, spontaneity is not the enemy!