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New Lenox, IL

Meet Jameson

new lenox, il


jameson :: Jameson is walking everywhere (a little unstable at times) and plays in all the cabinets. He is very curious and says the words mama, dada, hot, and says “ooooo” when he sees something new | Jameson loves to dance to music and he loves to wave and blow kisses to anyone who passes by. We like to call him Mr. Social. He also loves books. His favorite is “Moo Baa Lalala.”  Jameson has always been a happy baby since day one. He makes us laugh on daily basis and he is curious about everything. His big blue eyes and dimples when he smiles melts our hearts.

what did you love about your session  :: We loved working with Erin because it was stress free and easy. She has great ideas and was easy to talk to. It was so fun to see Jameson explore the woods. 

Our Dearest Jameson,
You have brought light into our lives from the very first day you were born. You make our lives so much more rich and full. We can’t believe how fast this year has gone! From your love of books, contagious giggles, your curly-q on top of your cute little head, and your unstoppable energy–we are so proud to call you our son. You amaze us more each day and we pray that God shapes your heart into a man who is kind and strong. Our love for you in never ending and we hope you grow to know that we will carry you through good times and bad. You will always be our little punkie-lou!

We love you sweet boy!
Mama & Dada