Meet The Hughes Family

Phil.  Katie.  Ascher. Bennett

wilmington, il


phil :: daddy ::great father

katie :: mommy :: loves all her boys with all her heart

ascher :: 4 years :: Full of life, humor, and strong intuition 

bennett:: 18 months :: Confident, knows what he wants, and so sweet

what mom and dad love  :: Their laughs and the way their eyes shine when they smile!

favorite thing to do as a family  ::   We love playing outside, reading, enjoying the sun, getting out in nature, and traveling.

a perfect sunday  :: Waking up to snuggles, eating breakfast, hanging in pjs and not feeling rushed out the door and on a schedule, then getting outside and having fun!

you want to always remember  :: The connection we have with our boys and the way they look at us and trust us to make everything ok. 

what was your favorite part of your session :: We loved being outside and playing in the water and with each other…especially in a photo session which was a totally different experience for us! Plus we found a new place to enjoy as a family!

what’s one piece of advice you would give to other families for their sessions :: Make sure kids nap if they need it!