CHELSEA | New Lenox Newborn Photographer

Meet Chelsea


August 8, 2017 at7:15pm

6 lb 14 oz | 20 1/2 inches

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital


due date  :: August 7, 2017

mom&dad :: We celebrated our one year anniversary on July 23, 2017. We met in a coffee shop in Elmhurst, and our coffee date immediately turned into a dinner date that same day. The restaurant that we went to is still one of our favorites, and it was the caterer for our wedding.

mom’s labor experience  :: My husband took our dog, Bexley, for his nightly stroll on the day of my due date. While he was gone, I began having what I thought were contractions. When he returned, he asked me how I was feeling, and I told him that thought I was in labor. He said that he knew that Chelsea would come soon, since, while walking Bexley, he saw a full moon in the sky. I began timing my contractions, and we waited until 6am the following morning to go to the hospital. Upon arriving, we learned that I was progressing slowly, so I had the option to stay and be induced or leave and continue to labor at home. We decided to go home, grab some breakfast, and try to nap before returning. Hours later, I knew that it was time to go back. When we arrived back at the hospital, everything progressed quickly from there and Chelsea was born at 7:15 that evening! Side note: Due to the full moon, we dedicated the song “Dancing in the Moonlight” to her and had it playing the background a lot those few days!

first moments with baby ::  I cried. It was such an amazing experience being able to finally meet her and see her face after all of those months! I have always been told that it’s a feeling that you can’t describe until you experience it yourself, and I finally knew what that feeling was. Matt was there with me the entire time, and it was so special being able to soak in those first few minutes as a new family of three.  I was happy that I finally got to meet her and see that beautiful face of hers!

favorite thing about baby ::We just love everything about her! The snuggles, staring into her eyes, and the fact that she is so comfortable with being herself. We have learned a lot from her.

Your perfect Sunday  :: Starting the day off with a yummy breakfast and some good coffee, followed by a nice family hike/walk to explore some new or favorite familiar places.

what about this stage in your life do you want to always remember :: That, no matter how difficult the sleepless nights may seem, this is such a precious time. Since it is our first time experiencing a child, I want to remember how much we are learning as a family and growing every single day. I plan to always cherish the endless cuddles and how fortunate I am that I am able to spend these moments with her and watch her grow.



We love how you are perfectly comfortable being you, and that you are teaching us how to be parents each and every single day. We admire your curiosity and love experiencing your affection, and we cannot wait to watch you grow and share life with you. 

We wish that you…
always stay true to yourself
enjoy the things in life that make you happy
know your worth and uphold others to reflect it back your way
take the time to explore your interests
spend more time looking up at the sky than down at a screen
enjoy the beautiful sunset 
set your own trends
trust your gut
remember that life happens where the body goes, not where the mind dwells
never stop appreciating the little things in life
turn your attention to the moment
are never afraid to cry
dance like no one is watching
find a balance between holding on and letting go
travel & explore the world — without forgetting about home
know love (and never forget just how much we love you)
understand that there is only one you & you are so so precious

We love you, Chelsea!