Carla + Gavin

Meet Carla and Gavin

wilmington, il


gavin :: 8 years ::five words -sweet, thoughtful, funny, determined, stubborn ::Gavin is the mayor of Minooka and Channahon. Everywhere he goes, he is saying hi to someone he knows, kids and adults. He must have a secret life, because I know none of these people.

what mom loves about gavin  :: I love that he is so sweet. I never have to worry about him being a bully. He is always trying to make me laugh and he tells me he loves me 1938372882 times a day. 

favorite thing to do as a family  ::  traveling

best thing about being gavins mom  ::   I love seeing him grow into such a loving and caring person. It’s like just hanging out with my best friend most days. 

if you could do anything together – what would it be  :: Learning something new or exploring somewhere new together. 

gavin says the best thing about mom is  :: “That I get to see you every day and hug you.” 

gavin says his favorite thing to do with mom is  ::“To do activities with you, like that one time that we went to sky zone or the museum or the park.”

gavin says the prettiest thing about mom is  ::“””I like your face. Your eyes are brown like cookies.” 

gavin knows mom loves him because  :: “You kiss me a thousand times a day and take a thousand pictures of me a day.” 

you want to always remember  :: That even though it can be tough juggling all the things, the memories we are making will be worth it. 

what was your favorite part of your session :: Shooting with you is always fun and comfortable. The creek was such a great location and the light was AMAZING. 

what’s one piece of advice you would give to other families for their sessions :: Don’t get upset if things don’t go according to plan, like if your kid gets mud on their pants or your car dies  It’s life, things happen.