meet annie


August 4, 2017 at 2:02pm

7lb 6oz | 20 inches

Silvercross Hospital


due date  :: August 3

Joe + Manesa :: Joe and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on May 18th, and now have two wonderful children! We met through mutual friends. The Bears were in the playoffs and both groups were meeting at the bar. My girlfriend pointed out Joe to me and says, oh, he’s single, and I told her I thought he was cute! Nothing happened at that meeting, but the Bears won, so we were meeting the next week too. This time, I moved in and started talking to Joe and he asked for my number to go out on a date, and the rest is history! I knew he was a keeper because in our first date, in january, it was snowing and icy and he held my hand to cross the roads and make sure I didn’t fall.

labor experience  :: One word with Annie, FAST!! We checked into the hospital at noon and she was born at 2!! That’s what I’m talking about!! Ha ha.

first moments with baby :: Overwhelmed, excited to find out we had a baby girl (we waited to find out). The love you feel for your children is something you can’t describe. It’s intense, and sudden and never leaves.

favorite thing about baby :: His adorable face:)

manesa :: mommy ::  five words –  Caring, cuddly, loving, all in

best change in daddy since becoming a daddy (according to mommy)  :: His growing love for his children and how happy he seems to be a daddy again 

joe :: daddy ::  five words –Playful, loving, protective, kind, silly 

jimmy :: big bro ::  five words –Energetic, protective, loving 

annie :: new little lady ::  five words –Cute, cuddly, loud, tiny 

favorite thing about baby ::Cuddles! And when you pick up a newborn and they curl into a ball, can’t get enough of that! 

Your perfect Sunday  :: Sitting on a beach with a girly drink and a good book, oh and a beach body.

what about this stage in your life do you want to always remember :: How cute my kids are. How Jimmy is always learning and looking to explore, and how small and cute Annie is. It’s a hard stage in life, but also one that is very rewarding!